A dad finds a scary funnel-web spider in his driveway and teaches his young son what to do

Your examples are “quality-neutral”. Either option works as well as the other. In fact, using a more modern and coherent term for the (now) archaic meaning of “begs the question” might actually be a good thing. Video format orientation is not quality-neutral. Not a matter of preference. Vertical video is demonstrably inferior for everything, except perhaps a simple video chat. The more people that use landscape, the higher the overall quality will be.

I’m not ever giving up on this. My kids thrust a vertical phone in front of me with an enthusiastic entreaty to “Check this shit out!”, and I bat it away in disgust without ever glancing at the screen. And don’t get me started on watching video using the tinny little phone speakers. Sheesh.


Also reminded of the last line from this song:

We all know phone speakers aren’t great, and maybe landscape tends to be superior. But you know what’s definitely an inferior experience even to watching portrait on a phone? Not watching anything, because you care more about format than content, or even a chance to enjoy something with your kids.


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