Dad films baby daughter crawling weirdly in yard. Then, she does something really surprising


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Spoiler: she stands up, dad swears in surprise.


did I just knock up someones youtube numbers over something as common as that?


Slow news day?


You two have hearts of stone. That was adorable.


There’s a time Boing Boing would have rightfully mocked a headline like this.


Is BoingBoing the new Buzzfeed now?


Must we do clickbait headlines> Really?


Isn’t he supposed to be in a pointless business meeting when this happens?


The Louis CK headline immediately preceding this one was almost as bad. Oh Xeni… srsly?


Big deal, I been doin’ that for years, even with a full diaper.


that was fortuitous timing, for sure. literally a once in a lifetime moment. (but i agree it’s clickbait worthy of buzzfeed, not boingboing.)


Thanks for the spoiler.

I was going to come here to complain that I would never find out, as I’m too stubborn to actually click on such a clickbaity video.

(Going to the comments section is, of course, exempt from my stubbornness).

Now I can feel righteous in my stubbornness without that lingering feeling of curiosity.


I don’t care what you cynics say, that was beautiful.


I thought she was going to say, “I want to be clickbait when I grow up?”

I mean how do we know she didn’t just stand up five minutes earlier when her mom was parenting without a camera?


Will #17 shock me? I won’t click unless something will shock me.


Maple tree seeds used to just fall straight off the tree, then one day they grew a wing and now they fly like helicopters.

Kind of weird huh.


She used that One Weird Trick.


We could rename it BuzzBuzz…


Ah yes, a baby did a baby thing. Truly this is the most SURPRISING thing I have ever witnessed. Being told which baby thing the baby would do would have ruined the SHOCKING TWIST that the baby thing the baby did was THAT baby thing. I mean, the baby could have totally just spontaneously combusted for all I knew, and that would not have been surprising because THIS IS SO TOTALLY SURPRISING. THE MOST SURPRISING. SO SURPRISED.

But no seriously I’m just mad because I would have liked this but this presentation is so annoying it kinda sucks the wonder out of it. It’s like instead of being told “hey I got you a cookie” and getting a cookie, being told “I got you THE MOST AMAZING FOOD ITEM YOU WON’T BELIEVE IT JUST YOU WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THIS YOU ARE GOING TO BE SHOCKED” and then getting a cookie. First is like hey awesome a cookie, second is like aww, just a cookie? That’s it?