Dad films baby daughter crawling weirdly in yard. Then, she does something really surprising

When it’s just the one thing to watch without a billion ads surrounding it, I prefer to not have neat videos spoiled. In this case I pretty much guessed what would happen, but I’ve been surprised by others in the past.

I will trust Boing Boing with my time that I will see something neat when I watch these.

That said, don’t start with the lists and slideshows that have to be slogged through.

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If I ever have a daughter I will try not to react to her triumphs in life by saying “Good girl” in the same tone of voice I use for the dog. “Holy shit,” may be OK depending on the circumstances.

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Was expecting head to spin.

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Yeah let’s not do the clickbait headline things. Babies stand up, that’s not surprising, it’s inevitable. Now, if the baby suddenly busted out a rocket launcher? Now that’s surprising. Babygeddon II: The Babying


“Holy shit” the stuff of life.

The thing is Buzzfeed et alia have done scads of AB testing on headlines – what gets people to click, what doesn’t. They actually have metrics on what types of phrasing gets people to read. It’s not mamby-pamby “draw in your readers” pseudo-science mumbo-jumbo – it’s numbers.

And when people, like BoingBoing, apply this science, “we” complain, and wish they would go back to the old unscientific, hand-crafted wish-there-were-readers dowsing-rod style of writing.

And complain that there aren’t enough science articles, and who put their applied linguistics into my copy of MATLAB?

And now I want a cookie.

Kid has the best power stance I’ve seen in a while.

being one of the most popular sites on the internet before this, i don’t think they needed it. in fact, resorting to such tactics seems to me an indication that the site has lost its way and that they need this sort of thing to keep the numbers up. i for one have noticed a distinct change in recent years, and i miss the joyful, thoughtful, gleefully weird BB of old.


are you… disappointed… with BoingBoing?

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Wow! Who knew babies could learn to stand!!?!1

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Noooo…I don’t want to go on the list! I’m feeling much better!


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