Watch: Dad finds son's weed and makes youtube video flushing it down the toilet


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Wow, I would be all “hey kid empty your pockets cause this is my weed now”


Tossing somebody’s cheeba is down right wrong.



“Hey dad, have you seen the oregano sample I brought home as part of the homework assignment for my cooking class?”


Indeed, If I knew this dad, I would tell him that the best strategy would be for take the weed, smoke as much of it as he can in a sitting, and make his son hang out with him, stone sober, for the duration. As the son watches him slip into middle-aged stoned hilarity, he should them tell him to take a long hard look at what they probably look like high. Best case scenario, the dad ends up chilling the fuck out about weed. Second best, the kid learns to hide his weed better.


To be fair the kid is presumably underage. I’m not anti-alcohol but I’d better not find my kids smuggling flasks of whiskey to class.


“Oh hey guys, hold up. Super weird, my dad just sent me a link to a Youtube video…”


Considering mines reaction to his last taste of whisky and his question of why the hell would I drink such foul stuff… well I am not too worried plus he seems to think any mind altering substance is bad juju. At least he isn’t down on coffee or tea.


symbolic, perhaps, of how well this dad’s video is going to be received by his son.

Symbolic of the effect Dad is going to have on his son’s love of weed. Seven times down - eight times up!


Meh - sounds like what most parents would do. Honestly don’t blame him. If hes under 18 its probably not the best idea.

Also, his shirt is so close but not quite a Weyland Yutani Corp shirt.


Huh, My plans for the afternoon was this:


Back in the 1970s my grandma found my uncle had left some cannabis seeds on his bedroom windowsill with the intention of secretly growing them, so she planted them and put the pots in the front room.

Parental embarrassment can be a powerful tool.


Dear Dads and Moms, This tactic didn’t work before the internet and it won’t work now. We still love you tho.




Now I have an idea for a “weed bank” for legal smokers who live under their parent’s roof. No weed in the house, following the rules.


time for Danny to get an outdoor stash box.


Cops arrest Danny on evidence of weed possession, GG dad.


A friend of mine found his kid was running an astonishingly successful drug-selling operation out of the family basement. (My friend said, in shock, “You should have seen his Yelp reviews.”) In an attempt to set the kid on the righteous path, his parents confiscated his stock and dug it into the compost heap. The next day the kid was out there with a sieve. I feel bad for my friend, who is the straightest arrow that ever lived, and he is convinced his kid is turning into Tony Montana.


I learned it from watching you Dad!


Everybody calls it weed now, it seems.