HOWTO videos for teens, by their dad: loading dishwasher, replacing toilet paper rolls



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LMAO! but my mother, literally beat this into me in the early 70’s.


Wow…That’s kind of dickish and condescending to his kids. “Hey, MY KIDS ARE SO STUPID THEY CAN’T CHANGE A TOILET ROLL” and then “HERE"S HOW YOU DO IT KIDS”.

I"m sure adults like it. But I guess his kids will be known as “too stupid to change a toilet roll” forever.


Seriously? It’s not about his kids being stupid. It’s about them being stereotypically entitled upper-middle-class teenagers who ignore parental requests to clean up after themselves, and this is his brilliant, hilariously passive aggressive way to get their attention.

If he were my dad, I might feel a moment of embarrassment, but my next thought would be, “Well played, Dad. Well played.”




(eyeroll, stalks out of room with nose in air)


I’m confused by the lack of egg-smashing


Dishwasher?! Spoilt little gits


If it were done well, I could absolutely see the value of a series like this. I think a lot of kids don’t do chores because they are kind of complicated. My daughter asks me every time to explain how to do the laundry. I finally saw a great blog post showing how to physically mark the settings with a Sharpie on the machine and a specific type of laundry soap to use that is really easy for kids to measure (Method - 4 pumps) and that has made a world of difference to that chore.

Unfortunately, this guy’s videos were just nasty. He didn’t actually teach how to load a dishwasher properly except the trash didn’t go in - guess that could be a win. It just seemed terribly snarky to me.

But maybe I’ll do the video series that I think it could be. Good idea dude.


“this plate is dirty!”
“yeah, that’s the one you didn’t wash yesterday. Enjoy your meal.”


I, OTOH, think that kids don’t do chores because they have been excused from them from an early age on, sometimes even prevented from. These kids are basically taught that chores are for other people. To expect them to then do do these chores just because they are older - especially when they enter puberty - is borderline irrational in my eyes.


Heh. My favourite quip is, that I had a conflicted childhood. I did have my own bathroom, but yes, I did have to clean it myself.


Parent fail for not having them do chores at young age. While yeah, it sucks, you learn things. My ex-wife was mystified that the fitted sheet that goes on your bed could actually be folded, vs just sort of wadded up and stuffed in the closet.


No, even teenagers who did chores as tweens and younger mysteriously lose the ability to clean up after themselves. I think it’s a natural phenomenon. The videos were cathartic though.


Oh sure, kids try to avoid chores - that’s a given, but mocking them, IMHO, is not going to change that dynamic. If you approach their concerns as genuine and remove their excuses by providing guides and at least attempting to be helpful but push back when the excuses get ridiculous, it makes it easier to enforce with a sense of respect for each other, rather than control.

There is so much “I’m big you’re little” kind of stuff in parenting and I think that children are rightly skeptical of parents who demean them.


I don’t think it makes a difference in most cases. I did lots of chores as a ten year old, but once I became a teenager I’m sure I frustrated my parents in much the same way - doubt I was an exception. Teenagers have an endless list of distractions - homework, first romantic situations, exhaustion from rapid physical/mental changes. I don’t mean to say these are legit excuses, but it’s unfair to blame parents for their teenager’s apparent lack of ability to do chores.


That’s one kind of problem-solver. I wonder how he’d tackle the difficult situation in this Onion piece:,27225/


That appears to be a top of the line GE Monogram dishwasher. Very fancy!


Yup. My kid is quite the technologically savvy girl, but she refuses to understand how various household appliances work, although I’m pretty sure she could pwn my computer if she needed to. Weird, huh? :wink:


There’s another easy solution for your daughter: cold water, all the time, and cold water detergent. Give her a bra bag (or whatever it’s called) for delicates, and voila. One stop shopping for all your laundry needs. No need to separate out whites and darks. No need for any crazy confusion about anything. One setting, all the time, the only thing you need to change is the amount of water based on the size of the load. Unless you’re rolling around in white clothes in the mud, it all gets perfectly clean.

As to your other points in the thread - I think it really depends on your kids. He may have sassy, sarcastic kids who totally think this is hilarious.