Here's a video of a washing machine with a brick in it bouncing on a trampoline


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Best thing on BB all year…


The best part was the pop-up add for Bosch appliance repair


next time i need a trampoline, that’s the brand i’m going to buy.


It’s early January. Are you damning with faint praise?


For some reason I was humming Wipeout to the sound of that brick rattling around.


I can’t believe an on-topic opportunity came up to post one of my favorite goofy songs evar (nsfw language):

(PS is there a way to have the BBS post this as a link instead of an imbedded player?)


nerd laugh at 0:13!


Now put a GoPro in the washer and see how long it lasts.


Emmmm, could be.


that looks like stop motion! Pretty cool.


Me too!


“Won’t somebody please think of the washing machines?”


Damn, I have that washing machine, and the spider broke with a hell of a lot less abuse than that. I wonder if mine would have lasted longer if I put it on a trampoline?


‘stones in washing machines’ is a very wide YT subgenre. fascinating. (no Rule 34 so far, though)


I wonder where mark saw that? :wink:


It’s the perfect illustration of late stage capitalism.


Well there’s your problem right there. You’ve got it set on delicate.


Hilarious, but very environmentally unfriendly. Unless you sort and recycle all components.


The animated GIF of a washer on a trampoline looks like something from Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.