Someone stuck a GoPro inside a washing machine, and let the video roll


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Yeah but I already saw Leviathan.


That’s been around since 2012, or forever in Internet years.


mechanical effects, so awesome!!


My God… It’s full of stars.


I immediately thought of this Beavis and Butthead epsiode.
“Washing the dog, washing the dog!”



Where are the SloMo guys, in our hour of need?


So this is what the cat saw.


“It’s a poodle. Put it on delicate!”


Isn’t that a dryer? Don’t washers have that central pole and do agitation?

Maybe I’m dumb and it’s just a side load.


Actually, this is what two men, one in a white dress shirt and one in a blue tee shirt, look like when run through a spin cycle. I should put kneeling washer salesmen in my washing machine more often, it looks cool and I bet it does wonders for the load efficency.


I was going to say that the most interesting thing about this might be a viewer’s ad-hoc de-convolvement of the central disk in an effort to infer their head movements.

But I decided against it. Instead:

Might be a washer-dryer. But in any case, it was just a spin-cycle.



Not front-load ones. Ours spin-dries at 1200 rpm as well; shakes the whole house.


So this is what Nietzsche meant when he said “when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.”


I would like to see the inside of a dishwasher please.


it took me a while to understand the washer boc that makes clothes smell better in Randall’s Thing Explainer - all* washing machines in Germany are front loaders, top loaders are unknown

* I saw maybe one or two top loading machines in real life


Physics nerds: Is the acceleration in those drums absolutely massive?
Suppose the drum has a radius of 20cm, and suppose it spins at 1200rpm
I think that the GoPro would be experiencing > 300 G’s if it were on the wall of the dryer.

1200rpm = 20 revolutions per second = 20Hz
radius of the drum is perhaps r = 20 cm … ω = 2π.20;
acceleration = ω²r = 3160m/s² = 316 g if g = 10m/s²

300 x Earth’s gravity seems pretty large. Is that real?

Can someone check the speed of the dryer from the video?


It feels way too much to me. But according to this calculator, it fits the equation.

And apparently there are washing machines that go up to 1800 rpm. Which is 720 g.

Would explain the sound the bearings are making after a few years…