"The Devil Went Down To Georgia" on guitar and unbalanced washing machine


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Bluegrass with a washing machine as percussion

Sadly, I don’t think that duo will be able to tour as it would be too much on the rhythm section.


This week at the Grand Ole Opry, The Maytag Brothers. Live and up close!


Obligatory: Thirty-Nine Questions for Charlie Daniels Upon Hearing “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” for the First Time in 25 Years


Gawldang robots! Stealin our human jobs! That’s one bangin drummer out of a job. Sad!


Needs a robot on washboard


This reminds me of this wonderful film:



That washer is possessed. As is mine.


where is the opening? seems staged to me.


My washing machine went on a little walk a few weeks ago. Almost pulled the supply hoses off the wall.

8 concrete anchors, 6 L-brackes, 12 strut nuts, 4 lengths of unistrut, and a whole bunch of nuts,bolts, and washers later, that sucker is never gonna budge again.


So in the spirit of the Devil in Ga., you exercised restraints.


From the way my washer was acting before my fix, exercising demons may be more accurate :slight_smile:


Did you call a young and an old priest?


This is awesome.



Someone get that washer an agent!


“Damn nab washing, always gotta be thumping… on the other hand, it’s got a good beat and I can dance to it.”


Drum machin…er, WASHING machines have no soul.


As much as part of me was tempted to loop that, I remembered I no longer live in the 80s musically.