Videos of self-destructing washing machines


And still some people will be surprised when the machines turn on us.


Look like Transformers to me.

With the flimsy power supplies in their control boards, the most common self-destruction is a rather visually unappealing silent going-dead.

Sometimes it goes with more visual and even olfactory effects. I tried to find a photo of one where the controller burnt out and charred the front panel, but could not. So here’s something to make up for it.


The first time I saw this in a forward years ago I clicked on it with an eye roll.
But do click…
It is like watching watching a galaxy being devoured by a super massive black hole, and the shocking death oscillations are not a sudden thing, it goes on and on.

It’s like watching a device, prone to excessive vibrations, not fitted with a sensor for excessive vibrations.


Previously on BoingBoing:

(Definitely my favorite, though I seem to recall a “dubstep remix” one that was up there too.)

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On a side note, for some reason this vibration-induced self-destruction is apparently called a “Harlem Shake” or “Harlem Shake Dance”. Don’t ask me why.

Yes, the Harlem Shake remix is great.


Is it just me or is the drum trying to make a break for it at the end?

“Screw you, I may finished but I’m taking one of your cars with me!”


I’ve heard a cheese pizza in the dryer can be even worse, but I have not personally collected data.

Apparently I suffer from severe anthropomorphism; I couldn’t even make it to the two-minute mark of the first video.

Been trying to find a video of something similar they used to do at the VW swap meets. They would take an air-cooled engine with no fan and run it at max throttle until self destruction. It was in a mesh cage to help prevent flying parts from getting very far. You could place a bet on the time it would last. Can’t seem to find a video on youtube, but it’s been many years since I went to one. Not sure if they still do that sort of thing.

Next time someone drops a pair of pants in the wash without emptying their pockets first, I’m showing them this.

That will just make them laugh.

If you want to make them cry, show them their notes and cash fused together in a pulped mass, after the wash cycle.

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Oh, I already keep the cash and change :-). Consequences, you know.

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And won’t we be kicking ourselves when the machines use our own evidence against us at the ‘trials’?

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Isn’t it called “tips”?

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Haven’t most countries moved to plastic bills by now?
I thought even the US is using them now in the newest issue bills.

AFAIK, not here, and EUR is paper too so far.
From the bigger ones, it’s just Australia, Canada and New Zealand.