Teacher forced 8-year-old to clear clogged toilet with bare hands


Never has there been a better argument for poo flinging!

At the teacher, of course…


Holy shit!


Eastern WA? Yup…eastern WA.

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Geeze Louise! It’s almost like he’s screaming “FIRE ME, I DARE YA!”


So the creepy touching was okay…


This reminds me of when I was in grade three (so about the same age) and one of my classmates was being a noisy brat all day. The teacher got so frustrated that she sat him at the front of the room, grabbed a roll of masking tape, and took several orbits with it around his head. He spent the rest of the schoolday at the front of the room with his mouth taped shut.

Seems to me an ideal age to learn that when you block up the toilet with overzealous use of toilet paper, someone has the less-than-pleasant task of sticking their hand in to unblock it.
If one peruses the OSHA and industry literature on unblocking toilets, in every case where the use of gloves is mentioned it is in relation to protection from cleaning chemicals/unblocking chemicals which may be present. If one has no open cuts, and washes thoroughly afterwards, where is the harm in clearing your own blockage?

I don’t read gawker much but they know their Google-fu.

I seriously doubt teacher-man confirmed it was his own poop, since the information we have is that the child merely complained about the blockage. And it is impossible for the teacher to confirm that if it were the child’s own poop, that it was not contaminated by other poop by being in a toilet.

Where is the harm in subjecting an 8-year old to such in front of their peers? Hmmm.


I think by the age of 8 they’re old enough to be capable of using simple tools, such as plungers. If not, the other simple tool in this story should have handled it.


Lol ok ok, I know I was all “anti the don’t blame the victim rule” in the other thread, but like, seriously, ban this person now.


I just hope she doesn’t work with food for a living. Or, considering that “clearing your own blockage” bit, in the medical field.


Maybe one of those doctors doing shit transplants? “It’s really no big deal, seriously!”

I’ve seen a few different reports on this incident in the last couple of days and in none of them was it reported that the toilet was “full of poo.” At least until I read Xeni’s version. This is what I read in the first story I saw, quoting Othello School Superintendent George Juarez speaking to the Associated Press:

While the pupil reached into the toilet and pulled out a couple strands of paper, the teacher himself ultimately reached in barehanded and pulled out the clog, which consisted “only of paper,” Juarez said.

It’s still disgusting and totally inappropriate, and Juarez said that the teacher should have notified the school custodian and not told a student to do it - but no other report I’ve seen so far has specified that the kid stuck his bare hands into poo, though I’m sure that the toilet has seen some shit in its day.

I was born almost 50 years ago and I have unblocked countless toilets without ever, ever having to use my hand, because of a simple technology designed in the 19th century. If I absolutely had to unblock my own toilet with my hand, I would, but the idea of making a child unblock a public toilet with his hand in the 21st century is absolutely ludicrous.


In an alternative universe this POS teacher is a cop in a minority neighborhood…with notches in his pistol grip. I’d fire that sorry ass so quick his head would swim. There is no excuse for demeaning a child like that. Also, great way to get a kid to have respect for authority figures.


A long while ago I used to work as a nursing auxiliary / nursing assistant in ‘Elderly Mentally Impaired’ wards. Self administered digital manual enemas —aka ‘clearing your own blockage’— was not uncommon behaviour in the more confused patients. Often at the dinner table and the results wiped down the walls …

(Just felt the need to bring the tone of the discussion down even further. Sorry. :wink: )

This guy is pretty much the definition of the word ‘creep’, and should not be anywhere near kids.


The Othello Washington School District office can be reached at 509-488-2659. Their website is: http://www.othello.wednet.edu/pages/Othello_School_District_147 . I left a very nice message with the secretary asking for Brent Taylor to be fired.

Do they not have plungers in your corner of Draconia?