Watch: Dad finds son's weed and makes youtube video flushing it down the toilet

What do you call it?

Hey, that happened to me last year. I’m in my mid 50’s! My visiting MiL decided to reorganize our crowded china cabinet where I had my stash inside a covered candy dish, pitched it and totally denied it. She has no idea about boundaries no matter how many times she’s been told this is OUR home not hers, and she needs to act like a guest. She’s no longer permitted in our home unsupervised.

The temptation to rearrange the furniture in her house on the last visit just to see her flip shit was tremendous, but I got over with the help of the legal weed in her state.


When my mom caught my little brother with weed he quoted the 80s PSA at her: “From you, Mom! I learned it by watching you!” And then they both burst out laughing.


When I was growing up it was mostly called pot. But now I mostly hear it called weed. Of course it has a hundred names…

Hmmm - Still hear it called that. Wonder if it is like pop or soda, where it is more popular in some places.

Or maybe its more of an age thing. Older people call it pot? I dunno. Not my hobby.

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Yup. I understand not wanting his kid to smoke, but what a waste. Hope it was schwag.


Hardly a punishment. If all he does is post the video to Facebook then none of his son’s friends will ever see it anyway.


I think senior citizens at this point. I’m at the end of the Baby Boom and never called it “pot”.

Always called it pot… and if this was my kid (they’re all grown now) I’d be pissed they didn’t share.

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Dad didn’t monitize his video?

What a double waste.

A Rose"Bud" by any other name?


Some more of that dank sewer weed for us happy mutants…


Christ what a

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