A dark fan theory explores the illicit affair between Elmo's mom and his Uncle Jack

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I’m not sure that’s any worse than when I saw the fan theory that’s Bill Nenninger from Curious George is the illegitimate child of “The Man With The Yellow Hat” (Ted) and Professor Wiseman. He seems to live in the country besides the man’s house, but we never see his parents. That and his complexion is darker than most of the other characters except Professor Wiseman. I would say it could be due to the fact he works on the farm, but the other neighbors are all the same color as Ted.

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For some reason it puts me in mind of this:


I can’t get into Elmo’s family drama. My mind is still reeling from the news that Oscar the Grouch was thinking of getting married, and everyone can see Mr. Snuffleupagus. I don’t know why my friends with kids keep telling me these things. :shushing_face:

Thing is, muppets don’t age, mature or become reproductive in a human timeline. This looks like an episode of Maury Povich where everyone knows who the father is without needing the test.

Elmo and his “uncle”:

I mean…

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