A deep dive into how parasites hijack our behavior and how we evolved to resist them

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What an excellently written description. I like it.


Just went over a whole regiment of slides from a nasty intestinal parasites, fresh off the boat, dirty little buggers.

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Now if we could only disable the Info-parasites

This is something I don’t want to think about.

None of you should think about it either. Just forget about the parasites. They’re not doing anything bad, and even if they were there’s nothing you can do. To stop them… STOP THEM!!!

Ahem, like I said, nothing you can do.

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We def evolved one behavior to help avoid parasites: try talking about fleas, bedbugs, or ticks without you and anyone else in the conversation automatically starting to scratch and swat at things you believe you feel are walking on your arms, crawling through your hair. Ifyou read this far you might be doing this now…

A great podcast too http://www.microbe.tv/twip/

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