When the antibiotics run out, maybe we can use GMO maggots to stave off infection


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I can see where this is headed.


People will love that.


Yes! This is the way. There are so many potential mutualistic relationships we could utilize.

I know people find this icky, but as we’re finding out, you can’t beat evolution in a lab. So we should, in principle, really pit two evolutions against one another and develop/breed symbiotic lifeforms that will fight pathogens on our behalf.


Who knew SyFy would be the Nostradamus of broadcast television.

Shit happens


transgenic blueflies whose maggots secrete human growth factor

Because what’s the worst the could happen?


The GAYZ could use them? This is from NC after all.


See the first post.


Finally, a headline from 2016 that actually suggests we are living in the year 2016.


I’m going to guess kieloid scars.


Healing and lunch, all in one package.


You’d think we could develop much smaller, more permanent versions of these things, something that would patrol the bloodstream using a body-accepted method, and kill/devour anything that doesn’t belong…

I kid, but why aren’t we modding white blood cells again?


Autoimmune responses with super phages probably would not be pretty… I suppose if they had some sort of destruct switch that could be triggered with a injection/etc, then it might be controllable.
They are working on training immune cells to go after markers that are specific to a person’s tumor.


You sure you didn’t want to throw in a redneck slur, you know, cause NC…


We should. But something is in the way…


The image clearly shows mealworms, not maggots.


Bad infection you got there … quick, let me rub maggot poo into the wound.

Fascinating times we live in.


I mean stuff like modifying the vitamin E based payload (I think that’s what it is…) white blood cells carry in vesicles to dissolve stuff they come across…
It doesn’t solve the whole “virus hijacking cells to reproduce” issue, but there are many bacterium/fungi that the immune system just flops against like so many wet noodles.

I’m sure there are tons of simple tweaks that we could be doing, but are considered unethical at the moment.


I thought that some larvae like flies and ants don’t poop. Their life spans are short enough that they eat, pupate, and then poop finally when they mature.


Came here to see this, was not disappointed, except that it took so long.