A delightful cover of "I Saw A Tiger," the insane country anthem from "Tiger King"

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All the horrible people in the show are now famous and will make a pretty penny going forward, right? They are not going away, there will be interviews, merch, a reality show or two in the offing, in other words, “content”.


IMHO, I’ve heard much worse songs from legitimately popular bands.


All I know for sure after watching this documentary, is that some people are really, really, totally fucking strange.

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I am only 4 episodes in. If you wrote a book with this plot line everyone would tell you get to get the fuck out of here with this unrealistic garbage. But, unlike Bigfoot, this is real!

Just when you can can’t think it can be any more bizarre, someone drops another revelation. “Oh yeah, you didn’t hear that blah blah blah?”

Here’s a version that I prefer. This is Kid Trails of Toro Y Moi. Enjoy!

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