Netflix announces Tiger King 2. Does anyone want it?

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When it came out it was a big topic at work among my friends. “Oh, you have to watch this, it’s so trashy…” kinds of comments. So, one FOMO later and we turned it on. It was interesting, but by the end I felt dirty for having watched it.

Having rinsed, I’m not sure I want to repeat.



Having never watched the first one, I can say “no, we don’t.” But I am a cultural outlier who has no interest in this sort of stuff.


I mean, I enjoyed that trash TV as much as the next person, but I don’t see how you could make another series. Maybe an update on the players? I feel like we had more or less closure with their update they made back last year.


If the tigers win this time I’ll watch it.


Tiger King 2: Electric Booga…oh crap, you can’t say that anymore.




The update they made last year was already terribly boring. The unabashed exploitative trashiness of the original was riveting. But I couldn’t make it through that extra episode. I think the key problem is that once the subjects of a show like that become self-aware of how the producers are portraying them, they perform very differently for the camera.

I predict that Tiger King 2 will look much more like a season of the Real Housewives or Jersey Shore, where the core of the show is the big personalities, and the producers have to stir up contrived conflicts to have a story to tell their audience. The producers of the original Tiger King did their share of stirring the pot and presenting certain people as villains, too, but it was special because at its core they were actually documenting real-life outrageous situations and conflicts that seemed to exist independent of the show. And I find it hard to believe they can possibly find enough new real-life outrage to fill a whole new series.



Netflix could be constructive and do a docuseries on heroes during the pandemic, highlighting the scientists and medical establishment risking their lives to save people in dire conditions while promoting vaccination by consequential illustration.

But, no, we get Tiger King 2.


Netflix did actually release a docuseries about preventing and fighting pandemics in January 2020, about two months before they released Tiger King.

Unsurprisingly far fewer people have heard of it.


Season 23 Episode 6 GIF by The Bachelor




Not I. I had no interest in the 1st one, and have even less interest in a 2nd. Ugh. No interest in dog the bounty hunter nor honey effing boo boo neither.

What would they possibly have to talk about? Maldonado-Passage (aka Joe Exotic) is still in jail. Are they going to investigate the other people running exotic animal breeding mills who aren’t in jail? Or are they going to go back to accusing Carole Baskin of killing her husband, even though she was cleared of it over a quarter-century ago? My guess is that they’ll probably step over all the sketchy guys to slander the woman who’s actually trying to help big cats in captivity, again. Cool, cool.

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Netflix absolutely knows what their market research and study says people want. They’re one of the most metrics driven companies on the planet.

While “We” may not want it here, there are definitely more than enough people who do to convince them it’s a good idea.

I for one would believe that the rabbit hole is much deeper still.

But what might be a better use of everyone’s time is rereleasing season 1 with a commentary track featuring a drunk Graham Norton and Cat Dennings.

Bah, no thanks. BCR got a bad rap in the first series, trying to compare the two primary characters as equals. The worst kind of pseudo-documentary.

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I think we’re all moving on to Reservation Dogs.