A Die Hard Christmas: The Illustrated Holiday Classic

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… with care


This is so going on my Christmas list, right next to the sugarplums.


My favorite rendition of the Night Before Christmas was by a guy dressed as Santa Claus as entertainment for a work party at a bar. The funniest bit was:

"Away to the window I flew like a flash
Tore open the shutters and threw up


the sash."


I think I’ll wait for the movie.


… It’s not even Hallowe’en yet… too soon… too soon… who’s driving your website, Stevie Wonder?

my local Safeway put up a display of Hallowe’en candy in mid-August, so you are on their timeline, I suppose?

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Are you inviting us to get off your lawn?


And to all a good night, motherfucker.


But car and there don’t rhyme.


Nice. And a great Christmas flick.

But best Christmas movie is still The Lion in Winter.



Jesus Christ…

diffusing or defusing?

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That’s called assonance. It means “where you get the rhyme wrong.”

Educating Rita


diffusing a hostage situation
Worst. Air-freshener. Ever.
Would not buy again.


Okay, I know this is heresy, but I prefer the remake to the original movie, the one with Captain Picard and Cruella de Vil. :grinning:

I’ve never seen. Thanks!

Which version did you see first?

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I saw the original movie on TV as a kid, but I’d all but forgotten it when I got around to the 2003 remake sometime in the mid oughts. I re-watched the original after I saw the remake.

The remake is different in tone, but faithful to the story. In truth I think they both absolutely stand on their own. If you’re familiar with any of Patrick Stewart’s theater work, he brings those acting chops to the part which let’s him show his craft in a way his Picard and Xavier roles don’t give him the room to explore.

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Not streaming in either Amazon or Netflix here.

I can see Stewart bringing gravitas to the role. Though it’s hard to imagine Hepburn being topped. And who couldn’t be swayed by O’Toole’s dreamy eyes :grimacing:

But - which does the repartee better?

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I do prefer Hepburn to Glenn Close, though Glenn Close delivers a excellent performance (as she usually does). And she’s one of the few actresses who can go toe-to-toe with Stewart when he’s got such an outstanding role.

If I had to pick, I’d say the chemistry between Hepburn and O’Toole is a little better, but I like Stewart’s Henry better. I also feel the energy of the supporting cast in the remake is stronger. Hepburn, though, is more menacing that Glenn Close.

As an example of what happens when the female lead can’t match Stewart’s skill, I’d point to the 2010 interpretation of Macbeth, where he absolutely eclipsed the Lady Mac in her role as the power behind the throne.

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