There are 82 new Christmas movies this year

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Fight me.


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They never show what happens when Christmas is over.

The Festival has been saved! The decrepit town square has been revitalized! The career-driven woman has come to her senses, abandoned her ambitions, and married her boring childhood sweetheart! And best of all, they’re having a baby!

But a few months later, the revitalized stores close down, because the economy in the town isn’t big enough to sustain them. Neither of them are employed. He lost his job when the mine/factory closed. She can’t find a job that isn’t minimum-wage retail, because nobody will hire a pregnant woman. Not that there are any high-level management-track jobs in her field available there anyway. Her savings are almost depleted. They fight almost every night. He’s drinking more and more. The house at the end of the street exploded when the meth lab caught fire.


“OK folks, we had a banner season, and we’ve all enjoyed a well-earned month off. But it is January 30th and it is time to start planning for next year. We covered a lot of territory and burned out on a lot of the classic themes, so we have to think innovation. Mix things up. Cover new ground. Now, I want each of you to get out your sharpies and write five new ideas on Post-Its.”

{Scribble, Scribble}

“OK, let’s get them up on the white board.”

{Slap, Slap}

“OK, I see a trend here. Looks like this will be the year for . . . reindeer sex orgies.”



We watch this every year at xmas, along with The Hebrew Hammer and Rare Exports.


“Five Star Christmas” has Barbara Patruck in the cast, she’s Stellat’en. She’s a secondary character (apparently a fashion blogger), and according to the CBC she isn’t a “native character” , just a character who happens to be native, but she was asked to wear appropriate clothing like earrings.

The films do lack diversity, and I’m talking theme and setting. A small town, a square full of Christmas often a book store, and someone goes home or lands there from the big city, saving things and finding romance aling the way. Apparently blogging is now something people aspireto.

Not only are the movies alike, they reuse actors.

So when actor diversity arrives, I don’t know whether the films are better, but they seem more watchable.

I saw “Christmas Everlasting” last year, I liked it, the main character was Tatyana Ali (from Fresh Prince). This year there’s been “A Christmas Tree Grows in Colorada” (Brooklyn, Co, and I still don’t know why the only suitable tree was in some guy’s front yard). And “Christmas on Wheels”. I think I was more willing to watch them because the main actresses were Black.

But yes, they are all about romance with a Christmas setting. I miss the days of major network tv movies, when the films were more diverse in theme. Who can forget “The Man in the Santa Claus Suit” or “American Christmas Carol” or “It Happened One Christmas” (Marlo Thomas redoing “It’s A Wonderful Life”)?

I did get this year on DVD the Dyan Cannon tv remake of “Christmas in Connecticut”, which I did see when it first aired but not since then.




This is a refreshing change from the right-wing-propaganda flavor of most xmas movies:

(The trailer makes it look like Doctor Whom is in it, but I just checked and it’s someone else)


I have never watched a Xmas movie, at least not the Hallmark type, but this parody has been getting good reviews.

Has anyone seen it?

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Let me be the first to say (for the first but not last time this year): Bah! Humbug!


So you’re putting in a vote for A Christmas Carol. Good choice, but I have to insist on the Alastair Sim version.


Of course!

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I watched my first Hallmark Christmas movie recently, on Halloween night, with my 84-year-old mother. She didn’t want to watch horror. We both sat through it, thinking the other was enjoying it. After it was over, we both said it was awful, and we felt like we’d then seen every Hallmark movie ever. No need to go there again. We should have kept the news on.


There is no Sanity Clause.


I think I’m too mentally exhausted from 2020 to watch any Christmas anything.

Will put up a tree but spend free time in VR with friends looking at weird shit and dancing.


The Muppet Christmas Carol is the best one. I’m totally serious.


Hallmark should only make greeting cards; all that mindless fluff they call their holiday movies is just sugar coated bullshit.


82 new movies, you say?