The greatest Christmas movie of all time is coming back to HBO Max

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Is it, though?


The greatest Christmas movie of all time

Die Hard?



Rare Exports


What an amazing movie this is!



A Christmas Story, which speaks to every level of the Christmas experience in one superbly crafted film

Oh wow, no. No, no, no. That vapid nostalgia fest speaks only to the Boomers for whom it was made. It’s fairly competently made, I guess, but that’s about it.


It most definitely was not “for Boomers”, who wouldn’t have even been born when it was set in the late 1930s (or maybe 1940 at the latest as there’s no sign of WWII rationing) Boomers grew up with B&W television, not listening to Little Orphan Annie on the radio. There were generations before the Boomers existed, and some people who were born in the 1930s like my parents are still around!


It may take place in a time earlier than they grew up, but it deals with the same rose-tinted nostalgia that Boomers thrive on. It’s also no coincidence that Jean Shepherd was broadcasting throughout the childhood of the Boomer generation.


I am quite partial to Bad Santa. But… for nostalgia… A Christmas Story works for me.

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Emmett Otter’s Jugband Christmas…


… is a book, a compilation of newspaper strips

Our correspondent may be thinking of



Well, I have been a Muslim for a few years now, so I may have forgotten some of the specifics. Lol

I literally forgot that Santa uses flying reindeers for a few seconds, like, three years ago. I was watching whatever flick has the Heat and Cold misers, and when I saw Santa hop on a flying reindeer, I was legit confused for, like, a milisecond.

Out of sight, out of mind, ya know?

Thanks for the correction, though.


I thought there might be a feature film I’d forgotten about, but apparently not :confused:

I love the original but I really think TBS/TNT cheapened the whole thing with their 24 hour stuff. We have visited the house in Cleveland, they have a cool museum that’s worth a stop if you’re ever in the area.

As far as the greatest, for me and my wife we love Meet Me In St Louis, Holiday Affair, a newer Disney one Godmothered, and Blizzard are some of the ones we seek out.

Love The Coopers, Home For The Holidays directed by Jodi Foster, and Christmas Survival are off the beaten path but worth seeking out.

Bad Santa is great but only if it’s the original and not all chopped up and edited for regular TV.

And of course the original slasher Black Christmas. There was a cable channel that played that one for 24 hours on Christmas Eve last year.

And thanks AppleTV for stealing all the Charlie Brown Holiday movies and keeping them off over air TV.


Miracle on 34th Street is the greatest Christmas movie of all time. And for yuletide violence, Die Hard is tired; The Green Knight is wired!

As for A Christmas Story… Ugh. I was so excited when it was being made, because I lived in Cleveland at the time. Saw it in the theaters. And was deeply disappointed. The jokes are lame and obvious, the plot dull and often downright boring, and the overall affect kind of depressing. How it became a “classic” I’ll never understand.

Regarding nostalgia, I don’t understand how A Charlie Brown Christmas is the choice to appeal to an “older” audience. ACBC is timeless. When A Xmas Story came out, I was in my mid-20s, working in an office-full of 40- and 50-somethings who luuuurved AXS and regaled one another for weeks, cackling over quotes from the movie that set my teeth on edge. I’ve thought of it from day one as a movie for old people.

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Why do you hate Turbo-Man?

It’s just not Christmas until I see Hans Gruber falling off the Nakatomi building…

But yes, Brazil is a close second.