An annual Christmas craft tradition: the Die Hard Air Duct ornament


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Nothing says “Welcome to the party, pal” like that beauty hanging on your tree.


Die Hard was actually originally a pagan festival.


It’s not a Christmas movie, it’s THE Christmas movie.


I dunno… I think that goes to Rare Exports.
But still anyone who says Die Hard is not a Christmas movie is welcome to their obviously wrong opinion.


Nah… THE Xmas movie is obviously Trading Places.


  1. Leave a conspicuously large, heavy gift box for the biggest gun nut in your family
  2. Drop a lot of hints that this might be the year they finally get that special present they always wanted
  3. On Christmas morning, leave the box ripped open and empty except for a crudely handwritten note reading “NOW I HAVE A MACHINE GUN. HO HO HO.



Not so much The War on Christmas as The Christmas War.


Needs a small police car with a picture of Al, so the floor can be Nakatomi Plaza.


The best Santa ever.

edit Dangnabit, Melizmatic beat me to the punch.


What about Gremlins?


In no particular order:

Die Hard (1 & 2)
Trading Places
National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
The Man Who Came to Dinner


Bad Santa?

(There is no Christmas in Brazil.)


Brazil is indeed set during the Christmas holiday season. That opening scene where the government agents drop in through Mr. Buttle’s ceiling comes right after a line about Santa Claus. There are several other references to Christmas throughout the film too.



Brazil has one, yes.


Our family-friendly yet thought-provoking Xmas fare often looks like this:

(I admit in years past we would watch It’s a Wonderful Life if we were visiting family and it was already being shown on whatever television in whoever’s house we found ourselves in.)

While roaming around looking for those links I came across this, and it looks interesting, though I have never seen it before:

Happy holidaze y’all.

ETA: oops, saw @TobinL had already made mention of Rare Exports.


Best Christmas movie ever… (at least for me)


Just wants a quiet house and to hang out with his dog.

Is that really so much to ask from a community ?