A doll designed to bend into the whole alphabet


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That looks kinda creepy… A mime Pee-Wee Herman?


It was an unsuccessful Kickstarter:


Take the word education out and see how it does.


Somewhere in the house we have the old-timey version of this which my mother-in-law purchased at (I think) Colonial Williamsburg. So it’s not exactly a recent innovation in doll-based literacy education. The main difference seems to be that this one might have a bendy internal armature, while the one we have has firmly stuffed appendages with floppy joints.

FWIW, my children have never found it a particularly compelling educational experience (not that I ever forced it on them, because I did not find it a particularly compelling educational experience).


I remember similarly bendy dolls from the 1980s, though not specifically designed to model the alphabet:

They had thin metal wires inside, which would eventually work their way out and pierce ones fingers.


And for sportier kids, he can also block direct free kicks.



Had them in the 60’s also:

In Red,White And Blue ya know.
And yes, I had all three.
Gods… Where’s my walker lol


That’s Major Matt Mason!


Had no idea there was a yellow one.

I remember using them so much that the wire would snap and end up poking out.


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