To do in Toronto: Create a Rey doll hackathon

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What about flying Chewbaca?

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This sounds like a fun activity, best of luck to all involved.

One funny typo in the article, “…female space-mechanic-come-fighter figurines.” I assume it’s a typo, or the writer has an aversion to the Latin loan word cum.


The word’s meaning has changed, like “gay”. No big deal. Language evolves.

Not so much that one meaning has changed, it’s just a parallel meaning. English words can have several meanings and be differentiated by the context in which they are used.


“She was summa cum laude”

“I bet she was!”

Thank you for this news! Sharing with everyone!

Wish the dem socialists had already financed and staffed a bullet passenger train to Toronto.

I hope they CC share the designs and photos too so other schools with less funding and help can try to follow suit.

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We started this here in Somerville, MA at Parts & Crafts, a school alternative/afterschool/maker space/summer camp. The initial inspiration came from the Tree Change Dolls, which I had planned to re-create as a project over the summer, but hadn’t gotten around to. When we were thinking of Open Shop projects right around when Star Wars opened & there was all the flack about there not being enough Rey dolls, I came up with this plan.

This article does the best job of explaining some of the process, but basically we just take the faces off with acetone, look up pix of SWVII screen-caps & go for it!

Crafty kids turn discarded Bratz dolls into badass Rey action figures

The initial article was in Make! Magazine by BB writer Gareth Branwyn: Kids Turn Bratz into Star Wars Rey Dolls


Thank you! I’m going to share with teachers here. We had some students with limited financial resources who made costumes with donated items. Maybe there’s something here they can adapt — esp. for all of the kids, parents and teachers who are huge Rey fans. :smiley_cat:

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You’re welcome! Almost all of our materials were donated, minus the acetone and hair dye. (DON’T use the nailpolish remover with gelatin or anything else in it. 100% acetone from the hardware store is what you want. And it’s best to have the adults put it on the cotton balls for the kids <10. Messy toxic stuff.)

Most of our hair dying experiments were … well, let’s just go with “disastrous.” Painting on RIT dye seemed to work best, but prepare for a MESS. Some kids came up with the idea to take the dolls heads OFF for hair dye to dry while they worked on the clothes! :slight_smile:

Feel free to email contact -at- partsandcrafts -dot- org for more info. We love Rey!



So fun! Thank you!

Go, Rey! Beat fascism!


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This looks really fun. Congratulations to all involved!

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