A drone video of a sheltered-in-place Los Angeles

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I lived about one block fro there in the way back. Working crappy bars and doing extra’s work where I could find it.


William Foster/D-Fens certainly would have had an easier time getting across LA today (Falling Down).

Trying to think of other movies where the story would be significantly changed by a vacant LA/surrounding areas…


Great. Post Apocalypse movie become easier to make, just at the moment people lose interest in watching them.

I would pay good money to see the fictional documentary of what it would have looked like if the US had been at least as on the ball with this as South Korea.


It looks like a still shot from the '70s flick The Omega Man. Watch out for pale people wearing sunglasses in monk’s robes.


maybe Snake Plisskin coulda escaped without the shark-jumping surfboard action?

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General note to everyone:

Please stop saying “shelter in place.” I know it sounds a lot more exciting and dramatically apocalyptic than just saying “stay at home”, but what we have here in LA is a “Stay at Home” order, not a “Shelter in Place” order.

“Shelter in Place” means “wherever you are, find an immediately-available safe indoor space and STAY THERE until you get the All-Clear signal.”

Shelter in Place is used in NBC incidents (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical), and areas adjacent to active-shooter situations. It means don’t go home, don’t go shopping, don’t go outside, don’t go ANYWHERE until the threat is resolved.

This is not that.

It’s like using the cool-sounding hype-term “gridlock” when you really mean “traffic congestion.” Gridlock is a thing, and is way worse than standard traffic congestion. But it’s pretty rare (at least in the US), and is almost nonexistent in LA since the introduction and enforcement of “Do Not Block Intersection” signage.

But it just sounds so cool, people can’t resist.

(Part of the ongoing Over-Dramatization of Almost Everything. “Why have a mere ‘Emergency’ when you could have an ‘Apocalypse’?”)

Would have been much easier to keep the bus above 50 in Speed.

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I’m thinking Lebowski, Walter, and Donny wouldn’t be able to participate in the bowling league.

Much more impactful when viewed while listening to:

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone would definitely have to adapt that dance number to be much further apart in La La Land.

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