A&E postpones documentary series on North Carolina church

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I guess A&E doesn’t stand for Authenticity & Ethics.

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Ass & Excrement channel.

Once upon a time, the Arts & Entertainment Network used to be a paragon of exactly those things: ballet, symphonic music, docs on art, etc.

To whit:
From Wikipedia,
A&E Television Networks, LLC , doing business as A+E Networks , is an American broadcasting company that is a joint venture between Hearst Communications and Disney–ABC Television Group, a unit of The Walt Disney Company. The company owns several non-fiction and entertainment-based television brands, including its namesake A&E, History, Lifetime, FYI, and their associated sister channels, and holds stakes in or licenses their international branches.

Now they’ve spread their shitshow worldwide, dumbing down the discourse wherever they go. And they’ve dragged down The History Channel with them, which used to be quite informative, but is heavily into the genres of pseudo-information TV with shows like Pawn Stars and Ancient Aliens making a mockery of the educational potential of television.

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