A fantastically fun looper pedal cover of The Cure's "Close To Me"


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Fun! Although the brass version of “Close to Me”, referenced at the end, is definitely inferior to the original.


I, too, take Close To Me as my favorite Cure song.
I’m going to claim that the faith + guitar part is referencing George Michael. Sneaky!

EDIT: I guess there are too many amazing loop videos out there but I nonetheless want to share this vocal Smooth Criminal, this Ennio Morricone using a theremin, and anything by modern cellist Zoe Keating.


Is that in a different key than the original? It’s been a bit since I’ve heard it but it seems off…


I’ve recently been watching a bunch of Julia Kent’s performances on cello.


Lyrics fail:

If only I was sure
What I had in the door was a dream

Good lord - the album is actually CALLED The Head on the Door. It’s a cool cover, but it’s obvious he hasn’t actually listened to the song much.


By the way: there’s a French singer named Zaz that we like a lot; I mention her here because I think I recognize the influence of Close to Me in her song La Fée, and it always puts a smile on my face. (The horns kick in at about 1:45; I wouldn’t say it’s a direct lift but rather a tribute.) I would normally link to the official video, but for this song they actually went with a different arrangement; this fan-made lyrics video uses the audio from the album, including the Cure-inspired horns.


Yes! Couldn’t put my finger on it when I heard it, but you are absolutely right.

Since we’re doing cover versions and you’ve mentioned George Michael, this is my favourite version of Freedom:


Zaz is just great.


The chords on the keyboard are wrong. Yes, I know it’s a cover and you are allowed interpretation, but those chords are the song in this case.

Also the keyboard is so loud it drowns out everything else. Not much fun for me, but hey, it’s all a matter of taste.


Hell, he doesn’t even get the title right. Completely skips the bit about angels getting together and deciding to create a dream come true, too.


Head on the door was released two years before George Michael’s Faith.
Robert Smith does not steal other artists work. Even if he did, I’m sure he wouldn’t be stealing from third rate pop performers like GM.


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Indeed, I didn’t mean to suggest that The Cure were referencing Faith, just that this looper (whose channel contains many other mashups) was doing so!


Once you leave behind the expectations that this is a cover of a song (rather than the weird mash-up/changed up thing that it is) it is not that bad and sort of fun…I guess…

God I can’t wait for mid terms to be done and my election related PTSD eases so I can enjoy life again.


My only complaint is that you can’t really hear the guitar.


Digging the way the purple of her jacket is almost a perfect match for the purple around P’s P there. Coincidence?


Yes. Sometimes things just work out.


Signed up to mention that if we are doing looper artists you all need to check out the beautiful freak that is Marc Rebillet. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IrXQ4OXmQok


Yes, welcome! Here at Boingboing we like to celebrate new additions to the community by being all weird to them. We started using “comrade” for new people who joined specifically to defend The Great Pumpkin (Trump that is) but now it’s being used all the time I guess?