A five-year video timelapse of the Sun


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Just look at it (but not directly).


Like I’m going to believe it wasn’t nighttime once in five years.


everything looks cooler with imax music.

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“My God, it’s full of star!”


Not a believer in horoscopes, but I have followed some of the interesting actions of the sun over the past ten some odd years and often wonder if they do not somehow influence human affairs in some way not entirely understood yet. Or even reflect something.

Not entirely out of the realm of possibility, considering how sunlight can effect psychology, which is well understood in some extreme examples… though tying together anything major, or with more subtle influences like EM influences across large groups of people would be far more difficult to discern.

proper soundtrack:

Not this?

But…it’s nighttime all the time.

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For some reason it had never occurred to me that the sun’s spinning. I feel enlightened.

nah - totally ignores the sun’s disco ball action

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