A former FBI investigator now hunts down long lost apples. He's found dozens of them.

Originally published at: A former FBI investigator now hunts down long lost apples. He's found dozens of them. | Boing Boing


I was thinking Liam Neeson.



Well that’s always the question, desirable for whom?

There are plenty of old apple varieties that are wonderful in taste but maybe don’t produce as much fruit as others or where the fruit wont stand up to commercial transport and storage needs.

If you’re a commercial orchard owner, you won’t want them. If you just want a few trees to get apples from for yourself and your family and friends, many old varieties will do you much better than many ‘modern’ cultivars.


Wasn’t there an article on BB several months ago about why Red Delicious apples – aren’t? A lot of people chimed in with their favorites; many of them were regional specialties because the apples weren’t good to transport commercially.


A quick search shows at least four BB articles about Red “Delicious” apples over the years, though most of them lead back to the same article in The Atlantic by Sarah Yager.


I think the average person who isn’t into growing their own doesn’t have a good idea of what it really takes to make a productive fruit tree or plant. Just as much as you want a tasty apple so does everything else in nature, insects, animals, and all kinds of fungi and other diseases.

Sure you can just grow an apple tree, but it’s not likely to give you the biggest, nicest, or highest yield fruit just because it’s not being commercially grown.

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If you have afew trees in your garden you may not care about biggest fruits or highest yield. You want a hardy tree that produce a decent amount of tasty apples, not one that produces as much as possible fruit that transports well and looks good in the store.

Not too far from where I live there is an apple genebank. Rows upon rows of trees, all different.


Same is true for cherries. And walnuts.

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