A Freedom of Information request for UK Home Secretary Theresa May's metadata

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Well I guess he’s on The List now.

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I’m not a fan of responses like this. What if they simply release all the data that has been asked for and it’s discovered to be totally mundane? Then what? If that happens, you are helping to make their case for them.

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Its not mundane. So they won’t release it.

Also it’s an invasive intrusion into privacy, in this case of a member of the privileged elite who have a chance of having their privacy protected. So they won’t release it.

Also a private citizen, contrary to the UK government’s stated position, doesn’t treacly have a valid reason for this request so it could be considered vesatious, so they won’t release it.

The possibility that they’re actually telling the truth shouldn’t stop your experiment. That would be cherry-picking.

(I know - I can hardly keep a straight face as I type ‘they’re actually telling the truth’, but we’re all scientists here and we need our integrity.)


The parameters for getting on The List are increasingly narrowing. Used any tor based product? Your name will also go on the list!

This really couldn’t get too much publicity - bravo!

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