A fun look at how Pixar celebrates Halloween


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Cool prizes.


what FGD said! That they moved away from a prize valued in $ to more organic, people centric improv and - dare I say it - fun is just super awesome. Another wonderful thing, thanks BB!


When I lived in the area I used to attend a pumpkin carving party held by a Pixar bigwig, to which Pixar animators would show up bringing special tools, and e.g. carve pumpkins with hair. They were amazing.

This was also where I learned about bell pepper carving. When you put a candle in a bell pepper, the light glows through the translucent flesh. Recommended.


Nifty, tho I wouldn’t think it would last very long. On the other hand, the odor of pepper roasting is heavenly.


I fully expected this to be cynical corporate propaganda and was pleasantly surprised to be wrong. Now I’m just envious. I can’t imagine my company ever doing something even remotely as cool for Halloween.


Traditionally, a carved turnip (or maybe a swede) was used – what with pumpkins being a recent import from the new world.


As a Knutson I must strenuously object.

EDITED TO ADD: Today I Learned that rutabaga is also known as “Swedish turnip” or swede.


Sometimes, it’s the dreaded mangel wurzels!


I went to the Pixar exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry. It had exactly the same feeling as this video: making you want to work at Pixar by pretending to teach you things. Sort of brilliant.


Oh, you know, they’re probably desperately hoping everyone will forget about the John Lasseter thing.


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