Halloween Gift Guide


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Splorch ovipositor

Described on Amazon as a novelty dildo and comes with a mold for making gelatin eggs… What the hell are you doing in your free time Rob? You know what… don’t answer.


I live in the UK. I don’t know if I have to vote Conservative or Ukip to get mine (not that It matters, the left would need to have their votes split five ways to let either party win where I live).


I absolutely love candy corn, though I don’t eat it by the bowl like that lol.


Mix 'em up with some salted peanuts, unless you don’t like Payday bars, because it tastes like a Payday.


I do believe that’s one of Cory’s recos


You may be correct; but I’m too disturbed to go looking.

I’m still skeeved out by the idea, more than a year later…


My friend, you should always try everything once. Or twice, sometimes, just to make sure…

It’s how I discovered my love of black pudding.


Mhmm. Sure


Where is whirly pop. The perfect fall gift for making lots of popcorn for horror movie watching and pop corn balls.
And I’m not brand centric.
I have a ‘great northern’ popper that works the same.

Also…if you have an induction cook top you spend more for steel.


I detest the stuff, and have many bags people have given me over the years (probably because they don’t eat it, either). I never thought the day would come that I would encounter one of your kind… :astonished:

If you live near Philly, my candy corn collection could soon be yours! I would’ve passed it along to the neighborhood kids, but in this area it ranks somewhere below an apple and above dental floss on the “most unwanted” Halloween treat list.


Well, like so many other things there is good and bad black pudding: for some reason people put nonsense like powdered onion or garlic into the mix, which when combined with other, reasonable spices, more or less overpowers the grains and cooked blood and tastes terrible.
Another horribad thing some people do is mix lard into it (for some reason?).

Also, eating it with runny egg yolk makes it taste even better.
So craving some right now, but I ran out earlier in the week. sigh

edit: rereading your message, you meant candy corn. oops!


Still, you make me wonder if candy corn could be melted down to make something else…



OMG - how did I miss this! Must try minions this year…or pass it down to the younglings in the family :smiling_imp:


I watched the ovipositor gif loop a few times to try to understand it. Raised more questions than it answered.


Or as I call it, a single serving package.


@beschizza this is the one thing I would have bought but the vendor doesn’t ship internationally.


Neat stuff, but I have never given, nor received a Halloween Gift in my life.