A funny and biting "wear a mask" PSA set to Beauty and the Beast's "Be Our Guest"

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“Mask debaters”, LOL.

Well done.


Heh, my ear caught that too. Clever.


In my fantasy, The staff of a store (wearing masks) are singing this to someone who refused to wear one while being escorted out of the store by two large security guards (also wearing masks)


I live in a region where mask compliance is very high and case rates are very low, though I’m less sanguine about any large direct causal relationship. Regardless, in the past few weeks I’ve begun to notice a remarkable increase in people who think that because they’re wearing masks they can sneeze and cough while talking to me without turning away or covering their face, most recently two cashiers at the pharmacy and grocery store. I will note that this is exactly the type of behavioral adaption that folks at the CDC used to cite for reasons not to recommend mask wearing to the general public.

So when you’re wearing a mask, please wear it correctly, and remember it isn’t an invincibility shield that blocks 100% of all infectious material. It’s an extra layer that reduces what you emit. Similarly, there isn’t a magic bubble around everyone at a 6 foot radius. There’s a continuous dropoff of exposure with increasing distance and decreasing interaction time, and exposure is the integral of all such interactions.

I know this isn’t news to most here, but I’d really like it addressed more honestly in PSAs. It might even be less politically polarizing.

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