A girl and her cat — Surreal images of a sweet friendship


Over on 22 Words, there is a lovely and whimsical photo collection featuring, well, a girl and her cat.

“Over the last few years, photographer Andy Prokh has documented the playfulness of his daughter and the patience of her cat in an ongoing series of silly, sweet, and usually somewhat absurd portraits of the two together…”

It should melt even the stoniest of hearts.



In lieu of the submitterator, is this, um… what we do?


Yes, but on the dropdown menu, you have to choose (no category) or it looks like BB posted this. I fixed it.


i noticed that too. the temptation to use the BB designation in order to steer more eyeballs to the post is pretty big. i’m speaking from experience ok, i admit, i did it once. didn’t work anyway :confused:

oh, and i like the pics :slight_smile:


i’ll never deny my cheek. but, on this occasion, it was just sheer ignorance on my part.


My favorite is:

The look on the cat’s face is priceless.


Wonderful photos, I am reminded of Ernie, another black and white cat photo essay that was way more powerful than it had any right to be.


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