Kittens photographed mid-pounce


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Also the photographer of the wonderful underwater dogs, featured here all the way back in 2012.


I really like the dog one, as they are clearly being captured mid-action doing something they like. I feel like a lot of the kitten photos involve being unwillingly chucked a short distance.


And if someone ever goes crazy and starts breeding bigger housecats, this is the last thing anyone will see before digestion.

Because cats are still cats.


If they aren`t all named Pounce de León, there is no justice in this world.


Kittens. Like little velcro ninja-stars!


Are you talking about Savannah cats?


You say that like it’s a bad thing…


Indeed, it seems a little too easy to believe that the kitten photos were just edited extensively, as opposed to the dogs. I suppose it’s because there seems to be so much less stuff going on in the background.


Yeah, a more accurate title would be Kittens Being Dropped


When Seth was in Seattle a few years ago I had him do action portraits of my dog at the arboretum. He was incredibly gentle and kind. My dog is a 40 lbs rescue that has a very shy temperament. I was blown away with how he was able to connect with her and using various games she liked was able to get some amazing shots. In as much as you can get to know a person in half a day, I can’t see him doing anything that would distress any animal just for a shot.


I will receive a copy of this book tomorrow :smiley_cat:


Just a generation of cross breeding away from a pet which will kill and consume you for the sheer fun of it.


We have a calico cat who, as a kitten, looked much like the one in the lead photo. At her first vet trip, at about 12 weeks, she freaked out and leaped from the exam table to a shelf high on the wall. Except it was bare wall, and she went “splot” on the floor. It did no damage because kittens have bones made of cartilage, just like sharks. :smile_cat:


You obviously haven’t spent much time around kittens. They do shit like that just for kicks.

My vet likes to say that kittens are made of rubber.


Indeed, they are practically indestructible, as this vital training film attests.

(ETA: it’s the funniest cat cartoon I’ve ever seen.)





Excellent! Not seen that in years.

Includes a nice example for my forthcoming series “Cartoon people mid-pounce.”


I can attest that kittens are more than happy to pounce hilariously and adorably without being forced. Some of my favorites from when my current cats were younger: