Time lapse of a kitten growing up


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That looks just like our cat. She adopted us as a fully grown stray, so we never saw her as a kitten. How cool to get an idea of her development this way.


That’s delightful! We have a cat that looks very much like that one. :slight_smile:


Original post from source rather than Imgur content-vampire repost.


You’re going too fast, you crazy!!!


My God that’s creepy! But obviously fake. Did you ever try and get a cat to sit still for the camera?


I thought she looked Maine Coon-ish :smiley_cat:


Let alone for, like, 15 years!

Makes me think of Animorphs but instead of a kid transforming into a cat, it is a kitten transforming into a cat…


cats are not delightful creatures. They are murderous demon hell spawn in disguise, waiting to drain your soul while you sleep and eventually disembowel you and consume your innards.


These days, I’m lucky to get a butt shot unless they’re asleep.


And this is exactly why I consider them delightful creatures.

Who is a cute fuzzy murderbeast?


give me good doggos any day of the week and three times on Sunday please.

or a Targ…


They grow up so fast; like Xenomophs.


So are teenagers. I got one of them, as well.


I have 3.



They sit quite still while recharging.



Science once again proves cats are always cute.


Cats are very unique, on a cat by cat level. I’ve had ~10 cats in my life and there were a few that could be induced to sit still that long.

However, you’ll notice the pose is always a bit different. That’s the cat-being-a-cat part. I see no reason why this couldn’t be real.


Yes, based on our casual sleuthing of our cat’s designation, it’s a Maine Coon mackerel tabby.


Hence they make perfect pets for evil beings such as myself.


Same here.