This Instagram account documents the adorable friendship between a dog and cat

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Back before I met my wife I used to rescue cats. She’s allergic, so I had to choose and frankly I like her better. After all, she doesn’t sleep on my head.

In 1998 I rescued a golden retriever puppy I named Murph, about eight months old and a little skittish. At the same time, a friend told me about a feral colony of cats on the other side of town. I called a rescue group, and they said they were full up and couldn’t take the cats, but would lend me humane traps and pay to spay any I could get.

I trapped a couple dozen of the guys over a period of about two weeks and put them in my basement with the stairs blocked. Murph liked to go down the stairs to the block and sniff at them, and over the time it took me to get them all spayed and adopted out she made friends with a bunch of them and would jump the gate to hang out.

Eventually I adopted all but two of the cats out, and always thought I would so never named them. However, Murph and the two unnamed cats were friends for life. If we’d had instagram back then they’d have been famous, too!


I have to say it: these two are just… precious. We should all be so blessed to have friends like Alvin the cat and Baron the dog, who are best buds. Thanks so much for sharing.


I wish my dog and cats where like that. Things range from indifference to deliberate tolerance. He’ a beagle - all he really wants is to smell them real good but they won’t stand for that.


My dog has been utterly fascinated by the two cats he’s met, but they’ve wanted nothing to do with him. And both of them were bigger than he was, so he lost that battle.


All our cats are bigger than our dog… They are interested in her, but she is so jealous that she will growl and snap if they approach while she is near the wife or me (no real intent to bite - if they press on, she just turns her back to them). The only one that she really tolerates is the kitten that we got when her last dog-mate passed – she’s still not too fond of him, but even if she is defending her humans she still lets him plop down against her.


Thanks for posting. Always looking for an Instagram account to follow that makes me smile…
We used to have neighbors around the corner with a grey tabby named Silvia and she loved dogs.
When we’d go past their house on our dog walks, she’d wait in the bushes for us to come by and jump out and “attack” our little guy, Poppy. She’d chew on his ears and they’d roll around a bit and play, it was the cutest thing ever.


We had a little tuxedo kitty that was so dedicated to our irish wolfhound / afghan that she would follow us on our walks… in the snow.


Adorable :slight_smile: But there can be a down side to that chummy behavior - well, from the human perspective.

I had a co-worker who had a cat and dog who snuggled all the time. Cat and human? Not so much. Guess the kitty found the dog to be a better companion, except for the lack of food container opening hands, of course.

Wait, what’s bad about that?

They’re beyond adooorable… I once had a dog and cat that lived at home but unfortunately they couldn’t become friends.
Thanks for the post :slight_smile: Made me smile

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There are times when such things are good, but when they include actual, literal sleep? Not so much with a 5’ 2" human being.

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Imma let you finish but


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