A stray cat "adopts" a woman and her dog while they're out on a walk (video)

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The Cat Distribution System is working as intended.


This is how we got our third cat, Linc. He just showed up on the doorstep (the day before my birthday). He just sat out there like he owned the place.

We fed him a couple times and he stuck around, so we took him for all the shots and stuff. He has been with us for 3 years. He is so chill, you can cut his nails without any fuss. I am trained so that if he finds me and meows, I know to let him outside.

He does murder squirrels and mice on the regular, though…


One of our cats walked in the back door. Under the dog. We eventually found the owners a few days later, reamed them good for letting her out without tags or chip.

An hour and a half later, she walked in our door again. Kept her after that. Damn straight they choose.


Also how I got my Pastel. I’d been feeding her as a kitten when she started coming around, but I left the door open to see what happened, and she came in and didn’t want to leave unless I was going out onto the property, where she would just follow me around.


Wow, that poor cat looks downright emaciated. No wonder it took a chance on seeing if someone wanted to help it. Luckily it made a good choice.


Mom was walking our dogs late one October morning in '99 and was about to turn the corner onto our S cross street, when a big white and gray thumbed kitten appeared out of nowhere. The kitten kept trying to get as close as poss to the dogs, who strained at their leads to get to him. Mom said the kitten was obviously thinking, “Friends!” but ees puppers were obviously thinking, “Ooh, lunch!!!”

She tried chasing off the kitten, and finally dragged the dogs away and back home.

Early the next morning, she went out as usual to drink her coffee and sit on our front porch swing. After a few sips, who should come trotting right up our walkway and up the front steps but the big white and gray thumbed kitten!

She LOL’d, scooooped him up and carried him up to my 3rd floor room. She tossed him onto my bed and said, “Well, here’s another one for ya! He’s got thumbs!!!

He was a sweetie pie but a bitey troublemaker in his youth, and lived until well into his teens. He became a biiig cat, but his short legs were out of proportion. They were so short The Stubby Kitten was his nickname until we settled on naming him Catch, for his catcher’s mitts-lookin’ front foots. He had a gray patch on his head, a gray tail growing out of a white tuchas, and gray patches on his hind legs. We said he was made up of spare parts. :smiley:


“Guess what, new hooman…”


When I was a senior in high school, I used to drop my mom off at her school where she taught, then pick her up in the afternoons after my school let out. A stray female tabby started hanging out with mom while mom waited for me. This went on for three or four days. Finally, we decided to bring her home with us. Shady was the best cat I’ve ever known. Super smart and chill, cuddly and playful. Never made a mess, never broke the rules. I miss her to this day, decades later.


I currently have a cat that started visiting through the door dog. I thought is was odd my cats were eating all their food overnight, because they never had before. First time I noticed him he came into my bedroom at 5am and started meowing. Took a few minutes to register what was happening. He’s moved in now. Hasn’t left the house for 2 days. Anyone want a really great, really pretty cat? Lol. (I do have him registered on pawboost, nextdoor, and the shelter, no chip, un-neutered.)


Um, I think you’re his now.


I was also thinking Lord Floof looks miiighty comfortable.


Oooh, I so wants him! The Maine Coon cat is strong with this one. If you decide to keep him I guarantee you a loving and intelligent companion. One of ours was half dog, i swear. He’d play fetch and loved being walked on a leash.
Notice how it looks like he has eyes open above his closed eyes? That tripped me out when I first noticed it on our Maine coons.
Anyhoo, off topic but on theme, here’s a cute pic of some of the current fosters :heart:


According to google, he’s a Siberian Forest Cat. And he does seem to look like one and have a lot of the features. I’m debating keeping him, but one of my cats is super upset, she really seems to hate him, and she’s feeling displaced, plus I feel like one dog and two cats is enough for me.
And yes, I think he is part dog, lol.


Neat! I never figured out how to tell the 2 apart. We have so many Maine coons (or mixes) around here, I just assume.
Looks like a delightful creature.
Good luck, whatever you decide to do. :heart:


Our Louie (RB 2011) showed up during my morning walk and followed me home one spring day in 1996. He camped out on the porch outside the kitchen door for 2 nights, then showed up with a torn and bloody ear. I took him to the vet for repairs, check up, shots, etc. The vet estimated he was about 2 years old then. He was all black except for a patch on his lower tummy my husband designated as his “tighty whites.” I miss that cat to this day.



My velvety gray hell cat has a white patch on her lower tummy too. We call it the “bite button.”