A GOP candidate for congress in Texas published offensive Anne Frank fanfiction in 2020

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They are no longer dog whistling, they are using a foghorn to signal their bigotry… It only took Kanye opening up the way to them just pushing antisemetic BS in such an open way. They are telling us WHO THEY ARE, and we ignore them and pretend like they deserve control of the congress because of “inflation” at our peril…

And, let me head off any bothsiders pushback here - NO, THE DEMOCRATS ARE NOT BY ANY MEANS PERFECT! Fucking DUH! But the GOP has been fully taken over by fascists at this point and they are YELLING that from the rooftops! We should not have been okay with Trump riding down his escalator to yell racist things about Mexican migrants, and we most certainly should not be okay with this kind of Nazi repeats…



Teague’s novel imagines Anne Frank’s final days in the Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps and her newfound love of Jesus.

This is disgusting on so many levels.


Asshole. Anne Frank died from too many sanctimonious “Christians” obssessed with her faith.


Nazis were animated by race, not religion. They understood Jewish people as a “race”…


I’m very aware, it’s my heritage, and lost family in the camps. Among the nazis were many sanctimonious christians.


No doubt, and many Christians went along with it due to their ingrained antisemitism (a major theme of post-Christian European history - scapegoating their Jewish and sometimes Muslim neighbors, and eventually, after the reformation, each other)… but there were Christians who also opposed the Nazis and hid their Jewish neighbors, in part because of their faith.


We must stand with and for the Jewish people, by implying their faith isn’t as real and that they’d totally jump ship when facing a historic level of persecution that modern Xtians are jealous about and imagine being minor compared to the war on Christmas. What a putz.


Christ, what an asshole.

One more week…


People whose day job was Christianity, such as the Pope, didn’t necessarily stand up for Jews. The majority of Germans identified as Christian. Many German religious leaders embraced antisemitism and the nazis.

The nazi regime, by the Nuremberg laws, did make it more about ancestry, as people who embraced christianity but had had Jewish grandparents were still classified as Jews. But, if full blooded Aryans decided to convert to Judaism, they would not be given a pass. Though they pretended it was about biology, the crux of it was what faith someone believed, you, or your grandparents.

Anne Frank encountered many Nazis who likely identified as Christian. They may have considered themselves good Christians. My guess is that she didn’t admire their behavior.


I’m aware of that. But I’m talking about the people who did because of their religious beliefs.

Let’s not make the mistake of assuming ALL Christians are bigots, because they are most certainly not.

They full on pushed the idea that Jews were a “race”…

Has ANYTHING I said here made you think I AGREE with this antisemitic BS? Really? I’m arguing that we should not let right wing shitheads define EVERYTHING in the world. I’m not sure why that point continues to be controversial here.


I know you’re not antisemitic. Do you think I believe there were no good Christian Germans?

My point is that he is a sanctimonious Christian asshole who is not exemplifying the very decent parts of the Christian faith. And that Anne Frank probably knew similar sanctimonious christians.

“Nazis were animated by race, not religion.”

Dehumanizing people by where they come from is as bad as demonizing people based on what they believe, and who and how they worship. Nazis did both. I’m unclear why you felt the need to correct me.

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In that we’re in agreement.

I don’t doubt it, but it was the Nazis, pursuing their vision of racial purity, that killed her. I don’t doubt that there were some who were also sanctimonious Christians, but that was not the core of the ideology that led to the death camps, even if it played a role as it combined with eugenics theory.

Race (eugenics) was their major focus. The Nuremberg laws was a encapsulation of their ideology on race and was designed to purify the Aryan body politic.

Because we disagree? I’m not “correcting” you here… I’m disagreeing with your interpretation… Which I thought was allowed and part of the point of a message board like this…

I’m arguing that race is the primary factor here. The fact that conversion did not protect people when it often could in the past, I think shows that. Religion was racialized by the nazis (and the KKK, and other white supremacists) I would say. Everything flows from the racial ideology.


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