A grandmother is suing the TSA for strip searching her to get a look at her panty liner, on Mother's Day

Yeah I’ve been to that site in the past. I really liked it.

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It’s not a binary situation, and you can be both exploited and oppress others at the same time. Yes, the TSA is horrible, and the actions of these particular TSA agents are indefensible, as well as the actions of a lot of other TSA agents. But, because we live in a world of crushing income inequality, you get moderate people who take a job with the TSA because they have little other choice, and then get radicalized by the inherently awful agency. This isn’t an agency that’s evil on the face of it either. It’s not like signing up to be a hitman. It’s extremely easy to either not know just how bad the TSA is, or rationalize it when there’s no other options, and you desperately need money.

Saying that no one has to join the TSA is a gross oversimplification of a system that promotes poverty and exploitation to coerce people into taking on the role of an oppressor. Condemn the people who perform atrocities like this all day, don’t get me wrong, but the sentiment that the solution is for people to just stop taking the only jobs available to them is like trying to fix the environment by telling people to use canvas bags. It might help a little, but it won’t fix the problem, and while it is something people should do, it still puts the onus on entirely the wrong people to fix the problem.


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And yet… I can hear what you say being said unironically by Them, even we wave around big placards with the following printed in mile-high lettering from the back of the queue:


I don’t have any problem with people joining the TSA. If they use that job to become an pointlessly authoritarian jerk, that’s another story.

However, the job is not very comparable to the warehouse job you mentioned. Enough so that your point was unclear.

This is another interesting story about airport security, the jerks in charge, & the well-meaning workers who get stuck in a box (literally in this case):

I wish Ms. Mengert & her attorney the best possible outcome.


I think the word is fascism. We’re still using a system made up out of whole cloth (Homeland Security, The Patriot Act) because we failed to make a course correction for past mistakes of imperialism and prevent our own government, specifically Cheney and Co., from hoodwinking us.


I wasn’t arguing that people aren’t forced to work in capitalism. But being there’s a difference between stacking parcels at amazon and strip searching people who don’t want to.

There is a little nub that sticks out to assist removal.

FWIW, it’s both. I have multiple confidential sources within the TSA, who aren’t necessarily fans of the policies. I’ve heard some fairly problematic stuff about how TSA treats lower level staff, which I’ve validated through official documentation or other means.

Not making any excuses, just telling you that TSA exploits it’s grunts (1 or 2 stripe epaulettes — 3 stripes and suits are in a different category, as are FAMs).

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Is it visible from the outside, with labia in the usual (semi closed) default state?

I don’t have a vagina, but I’ve had a couple partners who do & used the cup. To me, it did not ever appear to be ordinarily visually detectable (i.e. required parting labia & possibly reaching in a bit). Of course, bodies vary, and IIRC the nub may have been trimmed. And this is from memories that are a few years old, without first person experience.

The only part I can tell you with confidence is that TSA body scanners are not capable of penetrating more than a tiny amount of skin / fat tissue. You can probably translate that into practical terms better than I. :slight_smile:

That is a powerful and depressing story which reminds me why I hate my job.

Anyone who claims “equality” has been achieved needs to go work for a firm of employment lawyers for a while.


Never forget, the airports are allowed to do their own security and opted to have the TSA do it.


In some cases, that’s one of the best alternatives, with regards to pay and benefits. Given that the TSA is a government agency, it’s unionized, has retirement plans, and health care available. Given the choice between fast food and working for the TSA, which would YOU choose, if those were your two choices?



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