A guerilla campaign to save grizzly bears in Wyoming is underway

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Hopefully this works out better than the people the tried to buy a forest to keep it from being logged.


So it’s a gorilla campaign!

Oh, nuts.



So… ignoring the government scientists is bad for anti-vax and for climate change, but good when it’s wildlife management?

Those guys are scientists, it’s one of the most pure, untampered science fields in most state governments… license fees are just too small to even offset the wildlife management costs.

I concur. I’ve had black bear chili, and it was revolting. Never tried grizzly and I don’t intend to; I’m sure it’s similarly awful.


I was a grizzly in my last life. That ain’t the shrooms talking neither…


Oooohhhh, crazy uncle Ted.

I kinda wish he was my uncle.

So I could fucking smoke him in a guitar duel with my pansy liberal hands.


Why wouldn’t someone poach them? The government probably wont’ give a shit if a bunch of people are taking permits and publicly announcing they won’t use them.

It’s a bit harder to boast about the kill and publish photos on facebook if you killed the bear illegally, and if you don’t need the meat or kill it to defend yourself, boasting about it is about the whole purpose.


I’d like to see something like the wildlife shooting one they set up in an African wildlife reserve about 20 years ago. You go in with local rangers, track, you get to make the shot, then you get to take photos and everything, and then while the animal is still tranquilised from the dart you shot them with the rangers perform all the medical checks and things they were going to have to tranquilise the animal for anyway. They get your hunting fee, which goes to the reserve; the animal gets its treatment; you get amazing photos and one hell of a story to tell.


Bear tastes like shit? To be honest, I didn’t know, despite being a member of the Bear Tribe and participating in half-a-dozen Bear Feasts. (We’re allowed a vegetarian option.) In Finno-Ugrik tradition, hunting bear is taboo except for times in the dead of winter, when there is no other source of fat. Then there’s a whole raft of rituals involved, and of course, one must never mention the name of the animal hunted, in case you call it too early. So, it’s honey-paw, sticky-mouth, forest-apple, great Otzo etc. And the bear (skin and claws) is invited to the feast, and after funeral games (we had fun with sling-shot brussel sprouts, and wife-carrying races) and songs and stories in honour of the animal, it ascends to heaven in a wicker basket, and there are mysterious lights in the sky to show he’s reached his destination. Not fireworks. How could they be fireworks? (Sceptic!) We don’t actually kill a bear, and the part of the bear in the hunt is played by someone dressed up. And anyway, there are no grizzlies in Eurasia. It’s all black bears and brown bears. Maybe grizzlies taste worse? I wouldn’t know.


I don’t know enough about the alleged need to manage bear populations to comment on the science, but even if it is necessary to cull some, there’s a difference between a professional doing a job efficiently, perhaps with the bodies being of use to science, and people killing bears for fun.

I really don’t support the argument that “well, they have to be killed, so let’s get some money and fun out of it”.

As Brian Nesvik says in the article:

“This is more about taking away hunting opportunity than having an impact on our population management objective”.

As if that’s a bad thing.


I’m all for allowing hunting of bears, so long as the hunters only use a knife.


The European brown bear (Ursus arctos arctos) and the grizzly (Ursus arctos horribilis) are the same species, just different subspecies.


Somehow I misread the title as “… in underwear”, and I imagined the grizzly with sexy underwear. Anyone with some brain bleach?

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That sounds like the name of a really terrible emperor. :anguished:

At least in WV, they mandate all the harvested bears to be scientifically measured, and that one of the teeth to be pulled and submitted for age analysis and other testing. The bodies aren’t really that useful for science. (One can get dietary info easily from scat; the anatomy of bears are well understood.) If the biologists need anything else, they typically let the hunters know and they get enough voluntarily.

Also, professional hunters are exceptionally expensive. I haven’t heard about anyone using them to manage bear populations, but deer populations in city limits, and it costs tens of thousands of dollars per deer. People volunteer for lots of various reasons; many of them for the meat, many to protect nature.

And no, I’m not a hunter. I am thankful that we have so many volunteers to do it, because I don’t have to. I have seen what happens when populations are uncontrolled, and it is very sad. Either way, animals are going to die, at least this way they have a chance and it’s quick, as compared to starving to death, where even the survivors are horribly weakened.

Just waiting for conservatives to ban anyone from getting a hunting license that don’t hunt. I swear conservatives lose their crap whenever someone turns the tables on them.

something that’s not interested in anything outside of eating, sleeping and pooping

It me!