Deer-poaching woman brags on dating app to the wrong person


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We had a terrible case here in New Zealand several years ago of a spotlighting hunter shooting a young woman who was out camping and who was brushing her teeth in the bush away from her tent. This was in a camping area. She died.


I gave you a like, which feels weird, because that is awful!


I know what you mean.


That is a really appropriately named dating app it would seem.


Indeed, “likes” are a blunt object sometimes.


Now that Don Jr is single again, maybe he should hook up,with this person? Sounds like they would get on famously together.


Worst first date ever.


I’m always amazed at how inconsequential hunting fines seem to be, regardless of jurisdiction.

Also, does she get to keep the deer? I assume not, but that is not the case in every jurisdiction.


From what I gather in my cursory googling the deer would have been confiscated. It was killed illegally, out of season (for rifles), and is technically evidence.


Kind of irrelevant because that story has nothing to do with the technique of using a spotlight to make it easier to shoot a deer. That story is about a hunter murdering someone but the hunter just happens to also be a spotlighting hunter? Did he use a spotlight on this young woman? Was she out in the bush and away from her tent without a flashlight? Did the spotlighting hunter mistook her for a deer? Is that what you’re saying?


“kind of irrelevant?” @apoxia is saying a hunter was illegally spotlighting, and mistakenly killed a camper at a campground. This is one of the reasons why night hunting is illegal–it is easy to make a mistake about your target and your location, and mistakes in hunting can be terrible. Seems kind of relevant to me.


“Big ol’ buck” is pathetic enough, but bigo buck?


Dang, was he shining the spotlight into his own eyes?


My favourite story was told to my father by an officer who caught a hunter who had shot a small deer on conservation lands he managed. The hunter had been caught with the parts of the deer he was interested in packed into the back of his station wagon (caught “red-handed” as it were).

The car was impounded as evidence, but as expected, a month later when it went to trial he got a very minor fine and told “don’t do it again” by the judge.

And of course he finally got the car back.

With the deer still in it.



(complete sentence, yes, it is)


Aside from people using guns for nefarious purposes, this is the segment of gun people I like the least (spotlighters, African fenced-in safari “hunters”, et al). Like video gamers who can’t accomplish anything without god mode/cheat codes.


“Sure we can have a date… A DATE IN COURT!!!


Yeah, a lot of defense of “safari” sport hunting revolves around the management of populations in sensitive areas, but that doesn’t sell it for me. Game can be managed any number of ways, but these assholes can’t be the most effective method nor contribute substantially to the funding of said management. But beyond all of that, anyone who kills for sport in this manner is a craven coward with no respect for those animals or their habitats. Just the term “sport hunting” makes me fucking sick.


So could we say that she’s a Bumbling idiot?