A guide to North Indian vs. South Indian bridal makeup

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It’s decided then, I’ll marry a south Indian girl.
Glad to get that one cleared up.

this post is ludicrous. as is the jovita woman in the video. also, both are hindu brides, from the looks of it, so factually incorrect too. if boing boing wants to retain its position of respect amongst its followers, please try and find better sources than this one, at least! thanks.

a staunch follower since the beginning of boing boing

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I don’t know enough to say one way or another, sadly. Given we’re talking about a person on YouTube who makes videos about makeup techniques, I certainly hope nobody is considering this to be a completely reliable source.

If one wants to do cross-cultural comparisons, it’s usually preferable to stick to first-party and academic sources.


since the beginning? The BEGINNING?
the print copy 'zines?

… and i thought I was one of the few remaining “olds” around here :slight_smile:

also I agree with your premise - not very culturally correct - looks nothing like Chennai style bride


Funny thing;

There have been a whole slew of ‘brand new’ accounts over the last week or two, all claiming to be long time supporters of BB… yet oddly none of them felt the need to make accounts until very recently; and they all seem so very disappointed that the forum isn’t meeting up to their high standards…


And this is the article that finally prompts you to create an account? Bahhahahahahahah!


In her latest video, George contrasts the Hindu bridal makeup that’s popular in South Indian states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh with Muslim bridal makeup that’s popular in the Punjab region as well as Pakistan. As George points out, no one makeup look can represent an entire culture and there are plenty of regional (not to mention personal) differences that determine what someone wants to wear on their wedding day. But this double tutorial is still a fascinating glimpse into two very different bridal styles.

You failed even the most basic levels of comprehension on this one…



I also notice that “Ankita” is only one letter away from “Enkita”. Have those other new account names also been similar to real members?


That’s interesting. I must not have noticed them until now. My immediate suspicion is that we’re being astroturfed, but it’s hard to say. I’ve only got this message to go by, and I don’t see any obvious ulterior motives, but astroturf accounts often start by making posts unrelated to their ultimate agenda and attempting to establish group membership.

That’s all speculation on my part. I haven’t been a “staunch follower since the beginning of Boing Boing” but I have been a regular visitor since 2002 or 2003, but I didn’t really bother becoming involved in the discussion until relatively recently so someone could level the same accusations against me apart from the fact that my overall theme isn’t disappointment in the site. As others have pointed out, if this person is a long-term follower what about this post in particular gave pushed them to speak? Where were they last week when we had basically an unobfuscated Target commercial posted?


Not to my knowledge.

One was/is a Greek mythological figure.

One called itself “berserker’s creed,” and another was going by ‘Robert Browning.’

Nor have I; I’ve been hip to the site since 2016. I’m not arbitrarily discounting the existence of long-time lurkers; I know they’re out there.

Therein is the difference;

Though you may not have felt compelled to become active until fairly recently, your content speaks to your intent as a member in good faith. In your time here, you’ve engaged the community on a number of different subjects, and have contributed to advancing the conversation, consistently.

You didn’t just jump in with both feet and immediately start complaining, criticizing and/or virtue signaling, which is what I’ve seen happening recently.

BB is far from perfect and certainly not above constructive criticism, but when the assessments sound almost exactly the same and come from questionable sources, I have to consider the possible motivation.

(Although there, I can’t complain, personally; my ad-blocker kicks ass.)

I have no idea if it’s astroturfing, robotrolling, or just some kids ‘throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks’… but it’s all pretty damn conspicuous, if one pays enough attention.

And now back on topic:


Thank you.


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