A guy must record human history before aliens blow us up

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Wow. The catfish.


Sometimes I think pieces like this rely too much on the animation, or the music, or the style of the monologue. In this case I think even if this were just presented as plain text it would probably be really good, but all the elements together really push it into the “great experience” territory.

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I don’t follow. What’s wrong with an art form taking advantage of its medium?

It’s like saying “I thought this Broadway production relied too much on its catchy musical numbers, acting and set design.”


I bolded for the main difference. The piano music in the background is very effective, and could easily turn somebody reading their grocery list into an emotional piece. In this case it doesn’t overshadow or excuse anything. That’s all.

No one writes about the gully dwarves.

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We’re doomed


Wordpress has been having a lot of problems with embeds lately. I think it’s an oEmbed problem of some kind. Here’s a direct link from the text.


Yeah, I’m not gonna lie. I almost cried at the breakfast catfish.

Portuguese subtitles, but visible to me in the UK. It’s very good.

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