A-ha moment when rant compares sports to GOP politics: When players "are shivved in the gut, the game shouldn't continue"

wow, i’ve been saying this for a decade or more and people just say i’m too unrealistic or “radical” (why is that a bad word suddenly?)

Can I just add an “Amen, sister!!”? The sooner the pols in DC realize this (I suspect most of us on the front lines realized it a long time ago) the better. Some have, obviously, but the leadership still seems to think they can play the “no, we can all get along if we just address them nicely enough” game. We can’t. They won’t.


It seems to me like Dems are coming around to this kind of thinking. With the passing of funding bills and the budget reconciliation situation, I think they’ll get a lot done. And not just EO’s, I mean codified law. I just hope that the Dems will follow through.

This is GQP chickens coming home to roost and it’s been a long time coming. Broadly speaking, the GQP hasn’t been sincere about bipartisanship in a decade or two, at the very least. GQP be all like “You better not do the thing or else we’ll do the other thing we were gonna do anyway.

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