Watch this hilarious analogy between being stuck at a house party full of weirdos and the Republican party

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“If you’ve ever found yourself at a party and suddenly realized you’re hanging out with a bunch of weirdos – not the crew you thought would show up…”

There were definitely many people who took part in the Capitol attack who felt this real hard when the Qanon Shaman was chanting to the gods under the rotunda or the white power boys were flaunting their super racist t-shirts. It’s very telling of the limited media consumption and/or willful blindness of many Trump supporters that they don’t even know what other types of people support the person they support.


Hilarious isn’t the word I would use; the main guy talking seems stoned.

That said, the point is valid; if you get invited to a party and gradually realize that you’re surrounded by psychotic creeps, then you leave.


Nice analogy. Maybe they are either…

A. Weird themselves, so they just want to stay in the party.
B. Too afraid of the backlash if they go to the other party (no more votes for them from their base).
C. They are being extorted into staying at the weird party (they have skeletons in their own closet).
D. They think going to the other party is more change (progressiveness) than they can handle as conservatives so they opt for the frog in the slowly heating up water situation.
E. They’re afraid of the wrath of Trump.

My guess is a bit of all of the above. No matter what they do, they’re just finding themselves in a lose/lose situation.


that was completely not hilarious. the point was made in 5 seconds. the rest was repeating the gag over again. mehhhh


There’s the real issue right there.

They stay with the weirdos because the weirdos are the key to them staying in power.

There’s no “party” analogy that works for that, at least that I can think of.

Maybe something more like in “Heathers” where you put up with asshole friends so you can appear like you’re popular.


He started his campaign with a racist speech, got regular support and endorsement from the hard right, and time and again refused to denounce the hard, racist right. So, yes. Willful ignorance on their part. The connections were clear and obvious, very early on.



The kitchen is always where the real parting is happening, or look for the secret radio room, whichever.


True, and likely it was the Qanon Shaman types that bothered his supporters the most.

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I didn’t see many of them bothered by him, though. They are even less bothered by the authoritarian nature of Trump and his “movement” (if you can call it that). Anyone saying they backed him and continue to do so because they are oh so concerned about the economy (which he made about 1000% worse even BEFORE the pandemic) are just lying to you and/or themselves at this point. The people who won’t see him for what he is are just not seeing reality.


Roger That!


He’s only not putting on a nazi uniform or a KKK robe because he’s too lazy to do so.


A closer approximation would be that you’ve been throwing house parties for 160 years and the guest quality has increasingly grown worse and worse. It’s hard to leave when it’s all you’ve ever known.

Quoth Zell Miller when asked why he didn’t leave the Democratic Party:

“I compare it to being in an old house,” he said just before he left the Senate. “It’s a house that I’ve lived in for years that’s getting kind of drafty and hard to heat. The plumbing won’t work, and some strangers have moved into the basement, and I don’t know who they are, and there’s no doubt I would be more comfortable in another house. But, you see, I was here first. I’ve lived in this house for years and years. It’s home, and I’m not going to leave.”


See also: Joe Rogan, Howard Stern, or any other talk radio.


Now I’m thinking of the scene in 48 Hrs. when Eddie Murphy goes into a bar full of Country music fans…


Or the scene in Thriller where even MJ turns out to be a zombie; like Ola Ray, you don’t stick around, you get the hell out of Dodge.


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Like riding in a car – the same care as always before – but you realize it must have taken a wrong turn b/c everywhere you’re going is looking weird, and others in the car are like “Nah, everything’s fine 'cuz we’re in the same car we’ve always been in!”


The analogy has it backward.
The person at the party was hoping for the 'Weirdos* to show up, & has no intention of checking out other parties.


I just want to say how happy I am that we’re 20 comments in without a bothsiderist showing up. Though I’m completely aware this may flush them out.