A half million people are playing a game on Reddit called the button


Reading about this made me think about, and thus lose, The Game, I suppose. Not that I play it.



I will stick with the silliness of http://www.clickerheroes.com/ thanks.

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I prefer the analog version:


Like Molyneux’s Curiosity, without even the pretense of a reward.

Let’s up the uselessness of this by discussing whether it’s art or not.

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It’s Lost: The Interactive Online Version!


Isn’t this just a cheap clone of our Questions thread?

If you are the LAST person to click The Button, YOU will get to be an overlord in Peter Molyneux’s next over-hyped game full of empty promises!

That image of Stimpson J. Cat is the background I used for the “History Eraser Button”, a free utility I gave out in the mid 90’s for users of Netscape browsers who wanted to clear their browsing history & cache.


Oooh - just saw it hit 50 seconds!

How do you keep an idiot in suspense?


The Button is a LIE

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490,000+ “participants” at the time I viewed it. What exactly is this tracking and what is a participant? Are participants people who actually pressed the button, or does that stat also include passive viewers like me?

Why do I care?

“We must all work together and form a mighty faggot!”

What kind of game is this again?


He sounds like a dirty hypocrite…

Oh, it probably just kills someone you will never know


Yeah, the title of this post adds to your confusion, I think.

490,000+ people have pressed the button already.

In a sense, they are already out of the game, whatever the game is (unless the game includes watching the button count down and talking about it).

The actual participants are all Reddit users who had created accounts before the button was created – specifically, those who have heard about the button, I guess.

Anyway, it’s a kind of interesting experiment. Half a million people have already pressed this random button for no reason at all. Half a million people had no willpower to watch the button count down below 58 before they pressed it.

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See also.

Is that what you think?