The Button has ended

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Hey, as long as A858 is still going…

I believe that “cookie clicker” is still in operaton…

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I shoulda been a single digit red, but I screwed up and will live my life as purple 60s… Alas.

So did it ever make it down to 0 without being pressed?

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Yes. That’s why it ended.

(Assuming the ending was kosher, and not caused by Reddit admin/server hijinks. And there isn’t currently any reason not to believe that.)

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Ha! I retained my purity! Grey all the way, baby–it was hard, but I resisted!!! Filthy presser scum got nothing on me!

(OK, I really just I forgot about it after the first few weeks…)


Oh crap, I was just about to push it! Wait… does this mean it’s my fault?


Multiple times. I eventually got two seconds because it rounded up on one second.

Oh Noes! I didn’t get to push the Button! Oh, woe is me.

I guess since it’s over, I can tattle. Mr. Bells wrote a script to press it for him when it got to single digits so he could get the red … flash? He cannot have been the only one.

Because there was never any Reddit admin/server hijinks at any point during its two month run… :wink:

flair. but I like flash better.

Yes, this was pretty common. Many people wrote browser-extensions so that they could share their scripts with others.

I believe there was also a case of a fraudulent script, which someone shared, and it caused scores of people to click randomly. People got pretty upset, I guess.

Flair, thank you. You can tell I don’t do Reddit.

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