Particle Clicker: meth-addictive supercollider sim


Wow! This game is almost impossible to get all the achievements without cheating. After 3 days of playing it legitimately, I wanted to see what it would take to get all the achievements and used the code in the comments – and even that code wouldn’t get you anywhere near what it takes without spending a few years.

I’m just impressed that JS’s math can go this high…

I just popped open the console and threw this in, so I could at least feel like I was playing?

var myInt = setInterval(function() { $(’#detector-events’).click(); }, 10);

You can stop the auto-clicking 100 times/sec with:


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JS uses 64-bit floating point numbers, it can go incredibly high.

Here I was thinking of this as a simple scripting language! I might have to take another look at it (especially as I’ve heard here are server side JS engines these days).

What’s so addictive about it?

And a peek inside the source shows that if you don’t cheat you can’t reasonably hope to get all the achievements without cheating. Really now, 1 million clicks??? At 1 per second that’s a week and a half. Insane.

Edit: After coming back to it after being out for several hours I realize there isn’t even any reason to click after a while. My various researchers are making 30 times as much data as a click and I certainly can’t click anything like 30 times as fast as the game ticks.

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I’m at 57/105 achievements. A quick plot on a log scale of # achievements Vs time shows that this thing is on track to complete in just over 5 years of continuous playing.


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