Amusing website explains everything it knows about you, right down to the click


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#Not today Google. Not today.


Subject masturbating furiously.


Fucking webcam


Wait, I thought he was masturbating?


Now it just needs to add commands…


Christ, what an asshole.


uBlock origin and noscript, professional grade browsing. I bet you run SDC, too!


Ah but can it tell me who I voted for?


25 clicks per second? Even abusing Mouse Keys, I can’t break 16.

Reckon this requires advanced automated tools to bash without completely cheating.


Well, now I’m playing a game.


I don’t think that I have the fortitude to make it past 52%…


It accused me of using a script to click ten times in one second ( I did). I’m at 61% of achievements. So excited.


I’m at 71%, though a lot of the things that are left are a bit too tedious.


I think I hit 46% and then realized what I was doing


Opened it again this morning - I’m at 75℅ now.


I’m at 77%. I eventually read the JS to figure out what was left to do. Certain things like “hold button down for an hour” or “open in Edge/IE” are not going to happen.


I have a week in rural WI ahead of me - I just might have the time :wink:


Argh, (as a Dutch person) the Dutch accent of the site annoys me.


Is that a Dutch accent? I dig it!