Uncut video of a guy clicking his mouse 1 million times


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/02/16/uncut-video-of-a-guy-clicking.html


Skip ahead to 17:09:02ish. CAT ATTACK!


thank you BoingBoing…not sure what my life would have been like without this bit of Wonderful.


I’m waiting for the criterion edition director’s cut.


He’s just practicing for twitter-talking when he replaces Trump in the next few months.


Next challenge: beating The Most Useless Machine?



OH! I like that. The modern day John Henry…except completely pointless.


Dude reminds me of Kip Dynamite


“Clicking his mouse.”

Sure. We know what you meant.


Next: scrolling the mouse scroll wheel “around the earth” (24,901 miles).


Is this art?


Had me laughing pretty hard.


Ah, is somebody else also trying to get 25 clicks per second the honest way?


Is this like breaking the 4-minute mile? Is this historical?


I’ve played Wurm Online. I’m pretty sure I’ve clicked a mouse button 1 million times in 1 hour.


Not bad, but the book was much better.



clickclickclick.click was my first thought too. I think I just about managed 10 clicks in a second so how is this guy consistently hitting over 20? Is it the mouse equivalent of a '90s joystick’s turbo button?


I haven’t seen the video, but I would think either using setting his arm to “twitch” or by setting the right mouse-button to act as a left mouse button.

I would imagine he has also shopped specially for a mouse where the button springs up quickly, and has tweaked the sensitivity settings.