Mouse has the biscuit


He made it look so easy on the final go.

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I am going to need a citation on the scale of that biscuit.

Yay mouse!!

That was an impressively intelligent and dexterous maneuver the mouse pulled at the end (and was trying to do earlier), slinging the cracker up onto the ledge.

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need benny hillifier for full effect:


hey you try to jump 5 feet with a cardtable hanging out of your mouth.


Instructions unclear. Need ambulance and dentist.


This mouse moves in a different time scale. I can’t even see it’s movements. My cat can enter that time scale when chasing a mouse.


Wish I could standing leap over my own body height while carrying a dinner-table sized biscuit between my teeth. Scratch that, flying would be better. Give that mouse wings!

OK, the elephant in the room (which just ran away screaming, because, well, mouse) is why the camera was pointed at the Mouse and Biscuit (excellent pub name)? Is it only not cruel and taunting to the mouse because the mouse got the biscuit in the end? What if there is a small hole just off camera that the mouse has to try and pull the biscuit through? Aaaargh!


LOL! Going to be doing that for a week now, damn you.


Mouse has the biscuit. Say again, mouse has the biscuit.

Copy that. Move in on my signal.


Birds, too. I have one of those Casio high speed video cameras. Birds at our feeder slowed down by a factor of seven or so looks like a human time scale of movement. The way they adjust their wings flapping as they come in for a landing, it’s like a person adjusting their gait as they approach some stairs. Fascinating stuff.


Would you happen to have put those on YouTube, or any other video-sharing sites, please? I have no objection to being fascinated…


It looks like a Jacob’s Cream Cracker to me. Luckily these are the crackers stipulated by the Guinness World Record people in their Fastest Time to Eat Three Crackers record. The rules state “You must use crackers of minimum dimensions (66mm x 69mm x 4.5mm) - Jacob’s Cream Crackers are ideal.”

Here’s one. At around 2:15 you can see a bird punctuate its wing flapping: flap-flap-pause…flap-flap-flap-pause… v

Not sure how to link properly to this, it automatically turned the link into a player that didn’t work for me…so copy the url and remove the space between the “o” and “v” at the end. Hopefully that works.


Mouse Flips its Biscuit.

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I think the article was meant to be phrased, ‘takes the biscuit’

Thank you! That was amazing to watch.